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Immunizing Children With Vaccine Allergies Said To Be OK

Vaccination Allergies In ChildrenAccording to a study just released by John’s Hopkins Children’s Center, if you have a child who has an allergic reaction to vaccinations for such diseases as the measles, mumps, or whooping cough, that’s no reason for you to not have your children inoculated.

How is this possible?

The study says that most vaccinations have a gelatin or egg protein base which can causes the reactions.  If the administering physician knows of the allergic history, the vaccination can be given without these bases and in other, effective formulations.

Furthermore, the study states that even though a child has an allergic reaction to one vaccination, that doesn’t mean he or she is going to have it with all preventative vaccinations.   

Medications providing anti-allergy protection can be given like corticosteroids and antihistamines.

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