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Ragweed Allergies Being Felt in Texas

Ragweed Allergies in TexasThe ragweed is in full bloom in north Texas and so are the ragweed allergies reports CBS11-TV in Dallas.

With affects from ragweed allergies not expected to dissipate until the first frost, area residents are already starting to look for relief including Dana Buckman who told CBS, “I’ve changed medication and changed the frequency of how often I take it.”

Dr. Rene Leon said that in addition to medications, diet can be an important weapon in fighting symptoms of a ragweed allergy. Fruits including bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew melons can cause problems during the high allergy season according to Dr. Leon.

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2008 Ragweed Allergy Season Brings High Pollen Count

Ragweed Allergy
It’s only early September but reports are coming in that the 2008 ragweed allergy season is going to be a tough one for allergy surferrers.

In Boston, WBZ‘s Dr. Mallika Marshall reports that Boston-area residents are wondering why allergies are affecting them even when they have not been affected all year. Marshall suggests that a higher-than-usual ragweed, pollen count due to summer rains that have kept pollen subdued thus far.

But, additional rains have also meant that this ragweed season has yielded a bountiful bumper crop of ragweed that combines with the finally-unleashed pollens to infiltrate and irritate eyes, noses and lungs of ragweed allergy sufferers.

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