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Canine Allergy Breeds Invention in Oregon

Dog AllergiesA top coat for your dog? That’s what the Lotz family in Oregon created when they needed a solution to keep dog hair in check. It turned out that they created a way to control canine allergies, too.

According to Newhouse News Service, the family noticed that their toddler son had a mouthful of dog hair and it wasn’t from trying to eat the dog but the natural shedding of their two dog’s breed – German Shepherd.

To manage the shedding, they drew on their experience with show horses and created dog “clothing” made of Lycra which effectively slips over the dog like a top coat and is available antimicrobial and hypo- allergenic material. Their company, K9 Top Coat, was born which now has over 10 products.

Part of the success was due, inadvertently, to dog owner’s need for a solution to dog allergies. Lorni Jarmie told Newhouse News Service that her Weimaraner had “raw” feet from his encounters with their new home’s shrubs and plants which included sage, juniper, fescue grass and yarrow. K9 Top Coat was just the solution she needed even though her dog may be a bit reluctant to wear it.

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