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Bee Sting Allergy Victim Helped by Police

Anaphylactic Shock for a Bee Sting AllergyIn Monroe, New York, a bee sting allergy victim was saved by police after a bee stung the victim and he went into anaphylactic shock.

According to the local paper, Photo News, the victim was riding his bike when he was stung and was able to continue to ride his bike to the village’s police station. In the the lobby, he told the dispatcher about this situation who then alerted police. By the time police arrived back at the station, the allergy sufferer was experiencing severely distressed breathing due to the bee sting.

Officers used their “Epi-pen” to assist the man which gives an injection of epinephrine which fights the effects of anaphylactic shock. Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived to take the bicycling allergy victim to the hospital where he was later released.

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Bee Sting Allergy Therapy That’s Safe Is Possible Say Doctors

Bee Sting Allergy TherapyIn Italy, an experimental treatment meant to help those with a severe bee sting allergy is being tested and involves what is known as “under-tongue” therapy.

To date, as Dr. Giovanni Passalacqua told Reuters, injection immunotherapy has been the primary way to treat anyone with a severe reaction to a bee sting allergy but now there’s a new option: “Our research opens a new possible application of sublingual immunotherapy, which was never proposed for hymenoptera allergy.”

Injection immunotherapy can be dangerous according to Dr. Passalacqua as the patient is giving increasing numbers of doses of bee venom in hopes of building tolerance. This is also very risky and may result in the patient having a severe allergic reaction.

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