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Linkage: Allergy Blogs for Wednesday

Links PhotoThis is a round-up of recent blog posts from allergy blogs around the Web.

Allergic Girl points to an ABC News article about the ongoing anxiety caused by allergies – for the sufferers and, in the case of food allergies, for the afflicted child and the worrying parent.

Advice from Milk Allergy Mom includes ideas on lining up a pediatrician for a child as well as meeting with a dietician.

An Amazon store has been created by “Peanut Allergy Kid” with peanut allergy sufferers in mind.

Mrs. Wiacek from Dearborn Public Schools asks parents
to not include cantelope in their child’s lunch due to a cantelope allergy.

Horses get allergies, too, and allergy tests can be expensive according to the forums on Horsetopia.

Debra Legg’s Kids & Allergies blog covers Canada’s efforts to increase the details on food labels so that allergy sufferers don’t get taken by surprise.

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